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Worship Services

Sunday Morning Worship

Embrace faith and family at our Sunday Morning Worship, 9:00 a.m. EST at 4400 Forbes Boulevard, Suite B, Lanham, MD. Experience God’s work among us, strengthening bonds through belief. Join in person, on Facebook Live (alffchurchmd1), or via conference call at 564-888-5493, access code 113168#. Discover love and community with us.

Thirsty Thursday Prayer Call

Quench your spiritual thirst on Thirsty Thursday Prayer Call, every Thursday at 8:00pm. Connect with us on Facebook Live (alffchurchmd1) or dial in at 564-888-5493, access code 113168#. Join our community in uplifting prayer and shared faith from the comfort of your space.

Bible Study

Dive into the Word with our Bible Study, every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Engage in enriching discussions and gain deeper insights via Facebook Live (alffchurchmd1) or conference call at 564-888-5493, access code 113168#. Explore scripture, connect with community, and grow in faith together. All are welcome to join and learn.

Prayer Service In Clinton, Maryland

Spiritual Warfare Assault Team

The Spiritual Warfare Assault Team is committed to equipping believers with the spiritual armor and tactical knowledge needed to triumph over spiritual obstacles. Utilizing prayer, faith, and unity as our foundational pillars, we are unwavering in our commitment to defend our faith. Our ultimate aim is to create a lasting impact by deeply embedding the teachings and love of Christ into our souls, fortifying us for life’s spiritual battles. Contact us to join us in defending our faith!

Building on this commitment, we offer workshops, prayer sessions, and resources designed to deepen understanding of spiritual warfare tactics, as described in the Bible. We act as a supportive community, standing side by side in spiritual struggles, offering not just theoretical guidance but also practical advice on how to face daily challenges. Our team provides a safe space for believers to share experiences, grow spiritually, and find peace and clarity through their relationship with Christ.

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Mentoring Program in Clinton, Maryland

Impact & Elevate mentoring Program

Impact & Elevate seeks to help students achieve academic success by building mutual trusting relationships, identifying barrier to academic success and setting customized goals and solutions.


Mentoring boosts attitudes about school, decreases high-school dropout rates, and inspires higher college aspirations, promoting enhanced self-confidence and improved behavior.

Mental Health

Through mentoring, individuals experience a boost in mental health, heightened self-esteem, and gain an added layer of supportive systems, ensuring emotional well-being and stability.

Relationship and Lifestyle Improvement

It is important to help all young people advance toward a healthy adulthood and mentoring offers a range of benefits that support this goal.  Mentoring provides improvement in relationships with their family, peers, and community in general.

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Message From:
Pastor Lawrence R. Taylor

I invite you to be a part of our community, whether in person or by tuning in live via Facebook for our online services. Our doors and hearts are always open, and we eagerly await the opportunity to share in your spiritual journey.
Remember, with Christ at the center, lives change, hope is renewed, and love abounds.


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If you have any questions about ALFFCHURCHMD or just want to say hello, send us an email at You can also reach out on Facebook in the live chat on Sundays and Wednesday at @alffchurchmd1 (

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